the system for checked and striped woven fabrics
The VEITH Pin Table is just a part of the complete solution. Understanding...

how our hardware, our software PinIT and our particular Application Know How is linked and where the extreme short ROI is coming from.

There is always a certain amount of striped or checked shirts in production, which have a matching requirement. The consequence for this kind of production will be typically

- higher fabric consumption
- higher labor costs in the cutting room and in the sewing floor

Before the todays background of increasing costs on the raw material side, these extra costs are hurting twice. VEITH SYSTEM offers its SOLUTION for matching in order to save a major part of these extra costs. Our customers report to save typically 2%-5% of fabric. Experience shows for this application a saving potential of

13600 US $ - 34100 US $ per year per 600 Shirts output per 8h-shift. (= capacity of 1 system)

a short calculation will prove this saving amount:

- 600 shirts at 1.65m average fabric consumption per shirt at 2.30 US $/m == 2277 US $ (equivalent of the daily spreading capacity of one system)

- 2% saving == 45.54 US $ saving per day or 7.5 US ct / shirt

- at 300 working days (e.g. India, Bangladesh) == 13662 US $ fabric saving per year



If you feel, it is now time for you too to improve your efficiency on fabric consumption and productivity, you are invited to go through our presentation.


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VEITH SYSTEM - competence in matching checks and stripes When it comes to checks and stripes in production there are often extra efforts necessary causing headaches. VEITH SYSTEM's matching solution will help you improving your methods, your process and your costing situation - it is like a remedy for the checks and stripes headaches. VEITH SYSTEM = combination of VEITH's APPLICATION KNOW HOW the software VEITH PinIT and the APPROPRIATE HARDWARE - the VEITH Pin Table VEITH SYSTEM has an experience of over 30 years in the industry. The roots were related to garment manufacturing, then becoming a supplier of special solutions. Our products and our service is based on this experience. This experience you can use for adding value to your business. Our products are not just a piece of hardware, but covers also all necessary support from training to a specialized software. VEITH SYSTEM's aim - Manufacturing high quality garments at a higher productivity with less fabric consumption and having an option to use CNC-Cutters. VEITH SYSTEM helps turning your checks and stripes production into profits - As we know about the secrets of matching, so we will help you to save costs. This cost breakup is typical for a lot of countries, where garments are manufactured today. It shows the importance of fabric costs. As we know about the secrets of matching, so we will help you to save costs. With 65%, fabric costs are higher than all other costs together. Therefore VEITH SYSTEM's major focus is fabric saving. Compared to the traditional method of spreading blocks of a body length, we can offer a method where a marker can be used, ... ... which covers several sizes. Advantage: Fabric saving. Different marker concepts lead to a different saving potential. Typically we can save 5-10% fabric in knitwear, - but sometimes it even can be more than 15%. In our cost breakup we show 8% fabric saving – a typical lower average value, and it is obvious, what this means for the total costing situation. The additional 35% labor saving is a huge improvement, but in total just an extra benefit, when it is compared with the fabric saving. VEITH SYSTEM - The increase in productivity and the reduced fabric consumption result in savings of 13500 - 54700 US$ / year / system depending on product manufactured, fabric costs, present method, working hours, working days, etc--The mentioned values are valid per 600 pieces output in an 8h-shift - i.e. not for the total production !(54700 in case of 2-shift operation) VEITH SYSTEM implements a complete process for matching covering the following steps in production The process starts with the fabric, where some essential geometric parameters will be measured. Then the measurements are fed into our software PinIT. The PinIT software will process it and will provide important data for CAD. In CAD we use special strategies and methods for planing the marker – e.g. for a good fabric the strategy can be more aggressive in order to reduce fabric consumption further more than for a difficult fabric. Most of the professional CAD Systems in the market can be used in our process. After marker making VEITH PinIT is used again, now to do the work preparation for spreading and matching. The VEITH Pin Table is the system, where the fabric is spread and matched – working ply by ply creating a complete lay package - in one combined working step. After spreading the lay package is ready for cutting, which can be done manually or often also on an automatic cutter The VEITH PinIT software is an essential part of the package. The implemented functions of VEITH PinIT software will guide the user through our process in easy steps, hiding the mathematics of process. The VEITH Pin Table with its main components. Important - a slotted table and the needle bars - which due to the slots can be moved lengthwise at any position. VEITH SYSTEM Advantages: - fabric saving - labor saving - high quality - CNC-cutting VEITH SYSTEM fabric saving because of: - omitting blocking tolerances for pieces to be matched - higher flexibility in planning markers - typical saving in knitwear: 5 – 10% - Omitting blocking tolerances means to work with smaller pieces -smaller pieces means less fabric consumption. On top comes that VEITH SYSTEM's rules and strategies for planning markers help to reduce fabric consumption. VEITH SYSTEM labor saving because of: - omitting work steps - combining various work steps = reorganizing the process of matching - typical saving: 30 – 50 % - As VEITH plans markers with net pieces the step of blocking and relaying can be omitted. Spreading and matching the fabric is one combined work step. Matching by pinning means no more working piece by piece, but working with several pieces at the same time. VEITH SYSTEM high quality because of: - special methods and strategies in planning markers - advanced spreading and pinning methods supported by PinIT - accurate and high quality VEITH Pin Table - Markers according to VEITH SYSTEM's strategies are more tolerant against repeat variations + PinIT introduces a higher accuracy level and helps to avoid tension during spreading. Last but not least, the VEITH Pin Table is an accurate manufactured system of high quality. VEITH SYSTEM CNC-cutting possible because of - method of planning correct markers for checks (plaids) and stripes - support by PinIT software - accurate preparation of the lay packages on the VEITH Pin Table - Only when the fabrics are spread and matched on a high quality level, CNC Cutting becomes possible, i.e. the reasons for a achieving a high quality are more or less the same to open the way for CNC-Cutting. VEITH Pin Table - Just to remember, important is the design of the slotted table and the needle bar, which can be moved lengthwise at any position. Besides that there are important features such as fast setup of needle bar positions, separate pins can be switched on and off and an adjustable height of the needles. This gives the option to move the needle bars, where it is required by the marker, i.e. the the VEITH Pin Table becomes a precise template of the marker, and spreading the fabric, means to adjust the fabric exactly according to the marker... e.g. center condition of the collars, center condition of the neck band, green sleeve to green sleeve, blue sleeves and at the same time green pocket to green left front ... Also very important are the pins used by VEITH SYSTEM. The choice is between 3 different diameters of pins. The correct diameter together with a special kind of rounded tip makes sure that the fabric will not be damaged. An example of a marker, using different matching methods, universal matching i.e. pieces side by side and what we call AB matching, i.e. matching related to the fabric repeat. The same marker in production. Here spreading the fabric (piquet) - customer in Bolivia The end cutter in action. Further - clearly visible are the pins - inside the fabric. As our special pins will not damage the fabric, we can go inside the pieces, i.e. we create quality where we need it! Not somewhere outside in the waste. Another important item in the process. The VEITH Needle Plates - Pins from the top will keep the fabric in position and prevent the lay package from distortion, when it is moved to cutting after spreading is finished. Preparing the lay package using the VEITH Needle Plates. Later the lay package will be moved towards cutting supported by the air flotation, which is part of the VEITH Pin Table. Matched lay package ready to cut. The back area of the lay package is protected from distortion by the Needle Plates. In the front area the VEITH Needle Plates are already removed as now the vacuum keeps the lay package in position. Cutting in process. The cutting result – the pieces are ready to leave the cutting room and hit the sewing line. Cutting can be done also manually – then the needle plates remain in the lay package. Manufacturing yarn dyed, striped, knitted fabric is a circular process creating tubular fabric. The stripes are a spiral and when the fabric is opened, the result will be that the stripes will become slanted lines. VEITH SYSTEM offers to manufactures of knitwear a special VEITH Pin Table, where the needle bars can be positioned lengthwise at any position and where the needle bars can be turned in order to follow the inclination of the stripes The SKT-type of VEITH Pin Table. Main additional functionality: the needle bars can be turned according to the angle of the slanted stripes. Now fabrics with horizontal stripes (printed fabric or piquet) and fabric with slanted stripes (jersey, rib ...) can be processed. VEITH PinIT for planning perfect knit markers For knitwear application VEITH PinIT delivers additional frame-parameters, which are needed under the condition of inclined stripes in order to plan correct markers on CAD systems using their normal matching functionality e.g. VEITH PinIT supports CAD systems from Gerber® or Lectra® - VEITH PinIT is a precondition for making markers for fabrics with slanted stripes. A marker planed for slanted stripes will look similar to this. After marker making PinIT is used for the work preparation. With the new extension module, the complete planning of the needle bar positions can be done interactive on screen using the cut data from CAD. The printout of PinIT contains all necessary data. Perfect, strict and efficient organization for achieving better results. The mathematics behind PinIT and its strict logic establishes at the same time a permanent quality control - fabrics with constant repeats are separated from fabrics with too much repeat variation automatically during the process prior to cutting it off i.e. no lost fabric - The traditional method treats all fabrics, as if it is a bad fabric and therefore fabric wasting methods using blocking, relaying etc. are in place. With the process controlled by PinIT we can separate the good fabrics, which are the majority, from the few bad fabrics and treat it accordingly. Some more pictures from knitwear application. In order to have success and materialize the saving potential, it is important to implement a well designed process and getting all the right items in place. Only VEITH SYSTEM offers the combination of Application Know How, VEITH PinIT software to manage the process and the appropriate hardware - the VEITH Pin Table – especially designed to match knitted fabric. Just a pin table without the correct process is similar to a piano, which no one knows to play. VEITH SYSTEM makes the difference. We deliver the complete package, hardware, software and somehow we teach you 'how to play the piano'. We will help you to save fabric costs and labor costs. This together will result in an almost unique short ROI.When you do business with us, you deserve to receive a maximum of service in order to achieve a maximum of saving. And that is, what VEITH SYSTEM offers and delivers. VEITH SYSTEM - competence in matching checks and stripes